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Tarry & The Towns

Tarry and the Towns is formed of Garrett Dunlap on guitar, Kenny Albert on bass, Conner Cox on drums and Ian Sloan, lead vocalist. Based in Austin TX, these four fellas have a love for the Blues, R&B, Rock and Indie music familiar to most Austinite’s enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon on Rainey Street or a late night out on 6th Street and Red River.

Tarry and the Towns is derived from Tarrytown, a hip neighborhood in “old Austin” proper.  The group met through a mutual friend, Nick Freeman, who began hosting epic jam sessions in his garage.  The guys attending soon realized they all wanted to write original music with similar tastes and influences. The band recorded their first EP at Space Studios here in Austin in September of 2019 and released it on all major streaming platforms in November of that same year.

The four song EP is comprised of “PTO day” a whimsical pop song and fan favorite. “Mess you left” a driving blues song with call and response licks from guitar and vocals. “Move” will literally have you moving on the dance floor with its melodic rhythms. “Drunk Talk” is a soulful but punchy tune.  As Ian Sloan jokingly puts it “Drunk Talk feels like the most honest expression of the band because well… we were a little drunk when we wrote that one!”

The guys have big things in store for 2021 as a new tour is forming and a first full-length album is on the way. Stay tuned!