13th Floor Band Indy - Get Off on the 13th Floor

13th Floor Band Indy - Knob

13th Floor Band Indy

Looking to experience face-melting guitar solos, melodic acoustic guitar, thundering drums, booming bass and captivating vocals all culminating into the very best classic rock show? 

Then Get Off On The 13th Floor! 

Through intense energy and visual stage presence, all 4 members of the band bring their lifetime of musical talent to bear each and every show! Take a trip through the 60's, 70's, and 80's by dancing, singing and jamming to all your favorites! 

The 13th Floor has been invited back for performances at neighborhood events, local festivals, bars, restaurants and private events everytime they've played. The band’s captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences back in time as they blend music, creativity and humor into a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy guaranteed to satisfy your classic rock soul. 

When you enter the 13th Floor you don't just hear and feel the music, you experience it!

A 13th Floor adventure is like a classic rock show, birthday party, time warp, old timey rock gospel hour, frat party, family reunion, high-five, horns-up, hugfest all rolled into one awesome experience!

This is a band that knows how to entertain. Audience and venue owners have described the 13th Floor as “excellent musicians combined with entertaining showmanship,” “memorable classic rock music that makes people of all ages want to sing along,” “high energy with a feel-good vibe,” and “lots of good-natured fun.” 

There's a reason so many choose to constantly Get Off On The 13th Floor!