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Tucked away in the rural part of Pennsylvania, lies a small page, that began almost by accident. After graduating college, Alonna Weaver was looking for something to do in her free time between work and her new internship. After being approached by Ricky Wells about starting a media page, a hesitant Alonna interviewed her first band, and ended up taking the ball and running with it. What started off at first as a hobby, ended up causing Alonna to fall in love with the journalism aspect of music. A classically trained musician, with a degree in Audio Engineering, it seemed unlikely for this to happen, but Alonna decided to give it a shot anyway. With a tag-team duo, Ricky and Alonna were able to put on their first ever event as a media outlet in June, 2019, at the Sherman Showcase in Stroudsburg. Since 5-7-0’s creation in April, 2019, they have interviewed numerous local bands, including national touring acts, Tallah, Neverkept(ex-Broadside members), Handguns, Broadside, and many more! The fall saw many new beginnings for 5-7-0, with the addition of managing editor Jordyn Diana, and numerous partnerships with other various media outlets, including Hazleton News 1. Following this, 5-7-0 also became a media partner with Devil Inside Records, an independent Pittsburgh-based record label. Now an unstoppable team of 4, with a strong support system behind them, 5-7-0 hopes to put Northeast Pennsylvania on the map, one article at a time!

Awards/ Nominations
Nominated- Music Publication of the Year- 2019 Steamtown Music Awards
Nominated- Best Podcast- 2020 Punkstyria Awards
Winner- Music Journalist of the Year- Alonna Weaver- 2020 Steamtown Music Awards