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Anti-Feds is a punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana, now recently relocated to Los Angeles. Formed in December 2018, they are known for their energetic live performances and friendly demeanor. This DIY driven band does everything from recording/mixing, booking, to screen printing their own merchandise together as a band. Influenced by bands like Amyl and the Sniffers, Zero Boys, The Spits and many others to create their own unique blend of Gen-Z punk/hardcore. The band consists of Kellen Julian (vocals), Caleb Hagemier (bass), Shannon McConnell (guitar), Evan Greve (guitar), and Samuel Aiton (drums).

They released their first EP, Fuck the Feds, Here's the Anti-Feds in June 2019 and began touring the country, including runs with notable acts like Noogy (TX). Some notable festivals they've played include the FYWROK pre-party 2019 (Tulsa, OK), and Punxmas 2021 (Houston, TX). In March 2020 they released their second EP We Came Here To Die. On New Years Eve December 2020 they released a split with Bogota, Colombia's punk band Deficit de Atencion titled Systematic Malfunction. Currently they are recording on their first full length album and beginning to book their first international tour.