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Bad Dad Guitar - Bad Dad Collection

Bad Dad Guitar

After 25 years in the mental health industry, being a devoted husband, father, and business owner, I realized that my identity had become so wrapped up in helping and supporting others that I had little time left to pursue my passion for music. I started to notice how being a “Dad” can become stereotypical one day as I was people watching at a theme park in Texas. How many of these Dads pushing strollers, dragging kids through the park, and taking orders have a passion that was lost? And… Even if they did pursue a passion of say – playing the guitar, would their wife and kids criticize them or things its stupid? And let me be clear, this is not just about Dads! Moms, you fall into this dilemma as well. It may even be the bane of our existence as humans to fall into a stereotypical role. I made a decision that day to pursue a new way of looking at life. To follow my passions no matter what anyone else thinks. I’m certainly not perfect at this, that’s why I want to share my experiences with others in hopes of creating a movement that promotes healthy self expression and pursuit of happiness. Join our movement and show us how you represent Bad Dad!