Dsplita - Think Bold Never Fold

Dsplita - Thought Patterns

Dsplita - UGUM

Dsplita - Change Your Day - Black

Dsplita - Checkers - Black

Dsplita - Mic - Black

Dsplita - Black Text - White

Dsplita - White Text - Black


As a artist I see that music is the soundtrack to everyone's life. With that being said I feel that music is just a part of who I am. The one true place pain and experience can be transformed to triumph and victory. I capture moments in time to help elevate the meaning in life they provide. To have a musical platform to create art that is listened to worldwide is a true blessing. So I humbly present to the world my vision my vibe me. In the end we all have a choice to make a chance and be we should. Music will always be my passion no matter what may come my way.