Jamal Coleman - I AM JAMAL

Jamal Coleman

Jamal Coleman is a tour-de-force comedian, actor, producer, freestyle rapper and improviser with a knack for making audiences laugh; and a gift of adapting his undeniable talents to any environment seamlessly. As an actor, Jamal brings energy and charisma to every performance. His producing skills boast seven brands of live shows. Jamal's recording engineer background helped him become a radio show producer and founder of the "Silly Ass Podcast." An idea on a napkin that he landed on the legendary Kevin Smith's "Toad Hop Network." He's worked with prominent outlets such as Mother Jones, LA Talk Radio, Jeff Garcia’s podcast and Da Breaks Podcast. Now with his own home streaming studio and distribution deals with Komodo Productions/Reel Studios LLC, Jamal is producing comedy albums and specials for himself and others. On top of his impressive comedy resume, Jamal has won comedy freestyle rap battles and performed on ABC, CBS, VH1; he’s even gone viral on YouTube with comedian Jonny Loquasto as the Bath Salt Boyz. In short, Jamal Coleman is a jack of all comedic trades and a master of them all, delivering laughter and wit at every turn.