Last Foreign Queen - All Seeing Birds - Black

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Last Foreign Queen

Angel Woodland is an Hebrew Israelite actress, writer, model, graphic designer, songwriter, fashion designer, poet, influencer, Israel Defence Force Soldier, journalist, novelist, clothing line owner, entrepreneur and brand ambassador. Hailing from Dimona, Israel, Angel studied graphics and digital design at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA and modeling at the Barbizon modeling school in Los Angeles, CA. She began acting professionally at the age of twelve, starring in a variety of stage plays, musicals, television commercials and short films. Widely known for her features in many magazines Angel has experiences that spans nearly every scope of the entertainment industry. With a strong work ethic, broad appeal and beauty, her ability to touch Hebrew and English speaking audiences are limitless. dedicated and loyal to her fans, she has accumulated many followers across all social platforms and worldwide. She has secured a plethora of digital media award wins and nominations, as well as being featured on outlets such as NBC News, Essence, Jet Magazine, E! News, The View, etc.