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Off The Record

Off the Record came together officially in 2019 born from another music project between brothers Dan and Ken Collins (lead guitar and drums respectfully) when they first began jamming with bassist Tony Garro with an emphasis on their favorite songs from the 70s and 80s. In need of a dynamic lead singer/rhythm guitar player the band found Matt Caffrey in 2020 to round-out the mix. The chemistry of the band was an instant hit, borrowing from the musical tastes and preferences of each musician, expanding into multiple genres - including southern rock, modern rock, and even some country music! Although Off The Record tries to be true to the original sound of each song, they unquestionably put their own "spin" on each song.

The newly formed band started playing private events in the fall of 2020 and continue to play several of the top establishments in the Philly suburbs - and are notably a regular house band for a local bar/restaurant in Perkiomenville.