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Paul Passarelli dedicated his life to rock, and to entertaining audiences far and wide. If you saw Paul sing in Joker, Lipstick, October, Kingmother, 70 Proof, 80 Proof, Stitch In Time, Sentinel, Palooka or Flight To Mars, you know what a special presence he had on stage. Paul also had a huge heart and spread his kindness to everyone he met. If you were someone who felt he treated you special, then you know what we mean. Two local photographers have donated their photography of Paul from 2 different eras, Tim Smith from his Flight to Mars era in 2019 and Bret Hartman from his Lipstick era in 1983, to create these one of a kind special 2-sided shirts, hoodies or tank tops. Available in many different styles. And you can choose which image you want on the front and back. All profits for these shirts go 100% to the Paul Passarelli Memorial Fund to help his life partner of almost 20 years, Lisa Fisher, pay for expenses resulting from Paul's passing. Thank you for helping spread Paul's legacy, one shirt at a time.