Breaking The Mold (Good)

Truly the girl of your screams


In a normally male dominated genre there are few females with the capability and skill sets to shine through and "break" the proverbial "mold" like Razakel. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Razakel has been bringing a unique blend of Horror infused lyrics on "Pop" style beats, she not only breaks the mold, but shatters it.

Since 2006, Razakel continues to be the full package and has come to develop not only her own style, but her own hard-core "Cult" style fan-base. Make no mistake, this is not "Bubble-Gum" rap from your "typical" female with sex-appeal, her lyrics are more often than not more abrasive and controversial than most men which has earned her number one chart spots on multiple social media outlet's such as "Reverb Nation" and "Soundclick" as well as having a solid 500,000 + video view count on YouTube and touring nationally multiple times. Razakel truly is the girl of your screams, enjoy the nightmare.