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Scooter Nightcrawler

Follow me & get hooked on fishing! Fishing is fun, relaxing, exciting and easy!!! So easy that even the youngest kid can learn how or an over the hill guy like me can do it. I've always loved the outdoors & can remember as far back as to when I was in grade school ordering posters & books about fishing & hunting from the Scholastic Book Club at our school or even cutting out photos Field and Stream and Outdoor Life and stuffing them into folders to create my own conglomeration of outdoor tips, strategies and secrets as if they were all my own. In the 40+ years after did develop my own theries and have caught countless fish from here to the coast and have even done a little offshore fishing-though I puked between fish the whole time from being sea sick. With that said, I'm by no means a pro. I'm just an old guy who likes to try to catch a fish or two every once in awhile. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.