TP_dothemost - DO THE MOST


A true Artist and street poet.. TP has a way of organizing his thoughts over melodies that embodies his experiences in the Trap lifestyle while simultaneously tantalizing the eardrums of fans who enjoy lyrical rap music. He grew up humble struggling to find his sound bouncing back & forth from Radcliff & Louisville, KY... "I always had this love connection with words and the English dialect like how where I'm from says here compared to wherever your from I would use that to connect the dots... plus I was hooked on phonics they used to laugh cuz the hood be lit niggas outside playing ball old heads hustlen talking shit grannies hollering at each other on the porch and my ass be on the stoop reading a book. my niggas used to have to pull me out of a book to come play football that was just me head in the clouds somewhere else even now im never really here in the present ya know I'm somewhere you've never seen but I see it & we going."..TP